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5 Reasons Cloud Computing is Here to Stay

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“Cloud computing is simply utilizing services on the Internet to conduct business such as document file sharing, contact management, and other Internet-based programs. All working documents and relevant information is stored securely online – in the cloud — rather than living physically on your local computer hard drive.

Here are five reasons to take it seriously. Cloud computing is here to stay

1. Mobility
2. Immediate updates
3. Cost- effective
4. Backup
5. Integration”

While the cloud offers many benefits to businesses, one of the most overlooked advantages is integration. With cloud integration, applications are able to share data in the cloud. This includes users accessing personal data in real time from any device and scalability to allow applications to continue to function despite a change in size. Cloud integration is in favor for companies that use SaaS (Software as a Service), in which applications are hosted by a vendor and used over the Internet.

But before you move to the cloud, it’s important to research. There are different types of cloud services, especially from the same provider. Cloud computing is not a simple decision and preparation is essential to ask the right questions.

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