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Health & Medical

As the healthcare sector continues to be one of our nation's fastest growing and most heavily regulated industries, hospitals, private practices, elder care facilities, dentist offices and other healthcare providers are challenged to push the limits of technological sophistication in order to supply their clients with the best service and control costs. With federal regulation, shrinking budgets, HIPAA compliance requirements, and a rapidly growing reliance on EMR (Electronic Medical Record), managing IT has become an incredibly important component.

Priorities for the health & medical industry:

  • Security. In order to comply with ever stricter HIPPAA and other privacy laws, information security is of critical importance. Building a secure IT strategy requires multiple components including network separation, locked-down network policies, strong firewalls, carefully crafted Internet usage policies, encrypted mobile devices, appropriate web filtering, and more.
  • Efficiencies. As the healthcare industry continues to grow, so do the challenges. As a result, saving time becomes an essential strategy to providing higher value and lowering cost. By using technology more wisely, administrative and medical staff can be much more productive. The right software, customizations, efficient practices, and training are all ways to gain efficiency and save time.
  • Balancing multiple systems. Many medical practices are forced to integrate with hospitals and other practices and balance an increasingly-taxed EMR and a host of other software systems and challenges. A solid infrastructure, technology plan, and top-notch support helps to solidify these systems and integration points and provides the expertise when it is needed most.
  • Stability. Downtime is brutally expensive and, therefore, IT systems must be cost-effectively engineered to prevent it. For organizations with multiple servers, virtualization is just one example of a powerful tool to dramatically increase system stability, while reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). Choosing the right hardware, engineering the network properly, and supporting it effectively are all critical to maintaining high levels of stability.
  • Support. A technology infrastructure is only as good as the team supporting it. A full range of IT services is required to truly leverage technology, including consulting, planning, engineering, and managing your IT infrastructure.

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Novarad Concord, NH

nova pacs Concord, NH

PACS System

NovaPACS has been designed from the ground up by radiologists, for radiologists. Built as a completely scalable solution, NovaPACS can be used in imaging centers, or as a part of a complete enterprise imaging strategy. Our feature-rich PACS system is completely customizable. This allows optimization of each user’s profile based on the unique needs and demands of radiologists, improving both speed and efficiency. The NovaPACS new user interface can display reports, priors and patient histories right alongside the most current image studies.

nova ris Radiology Information System concord, NH

Radiology Information System

NovaRIS revolutionizes the way radiology departments are run by quickly and easily delivering the crucial information that is necessary to monitor department quality, efficiency and profitability. NovaRIS allows radiology departments to track patient information, procedures, exam status, revenues and insurance payouts. It also allows users to generate reports based on CPT or revenue codes. On top of that, the Admin reports function of NovaRIS alerts users to potential problems such as incomplete exams and missing insurance codes. And like all NovaPACS products, NovaRIS seamlessly integrates with HIS or PACS systems.

NovaPRO management and financial tools concord, NH

RIS and PACS for Radiologist Groups

NovaPRO management and financial tools help radiologists run their business better through complete flexibility, whether that means report distribution method or the way images are received. NovaPRO makes it easy to receive images from unlimited, unaffiliated facilities without fear of intermingling of images or information. Additionally, NovaPRO can help keep your facility from being bogged down by unnecessary files.

NovaMG Digital Mammography concord, NH

Digital Mammography

NovaMG’s viewer features a customizable, one-click workflow and is fully integrated with dictation/voice recognition that eliminates the need for transcription. NovaMG™ can also track and report for all breast-related procedures, including mammography, MRI, and ultrasounds. Using NovaMG results in a streamlined workflow that significantly reduces your process time, increases productivity, and makes your facility more efficient so you can save money, see more patients, and increase revenue.

NovaORTHO Orthopaedic Viewing System concord, NH

Orthopaedic Viewing System

The NovaOrtho image and information management system provides you with the tools you need to improve patient workflow, increase efficiency, and save time and money. Users may view patient images anytime, anywhere. Patient films are grouped together in one file to save time.