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BYOA (bring your own apps)

Bring your own apps (BYOA) is the trend toward employee use of third-party applications and cloud services in the workplace.

BYOA is part of the larger trend of IT consumerization toward the use of consumer market technologies within the enterprise. An increasingly mobile workforce connects to the corporate network remotely from their own laptops, smartphones or tablets; employees also bring their own devices (BYOD) to work. Employee-owned mobile devices typically have consumer market applications installed and many employees’ access consumer market and cloud apps and services over the corporate network.

Cited benefits of IT consumerization include greater employee engagement and satisfaction, as well as improved productivity. However, as employee-owned technologies encroach upon the corporate network, security becomes increasingly problematic. For one thing, corporate data stored in a cloud provider's environment cannot be secured in the same way that data stored on-site can be -- or even data stored on employee-owned devices. If a device with sensitive data is stolen, administrators can remotely wipe the hard drive but no such solution exists to protect the company in the event of a data breach in the cloud environment. Another problem associated with consumer technologies in the workplace is the demand on help desk resources to support a wide variety of non-standard devices and applications.

To deal with these and other issues, many organizations are implementing consumerization policies to establish acceptable use standards for consumer technologies. Acceptable use policies (AUP) stipulate requirements that must be followed to be granted network access.

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