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How Your CFO Will Learn to Stop Worrying About IT Consulting

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Bridging the gap between technology and business can be difficult. The tech language doesn’t have the easiest translation dictionary, so if you’re an IT consulting pro, chances are you’re not having the best luck convincing the C-suite to transition to the latest technology trend. Terms like “virtualization,” “cloud computing,” and “SaaS,” are probably as easy for you as the ABC’s, but are you able to explain it in finance language?

Money generally stands in the way of IT consulting engineers and technologists, which is why a mutual relationship with the CFO or other C-Suite executive is crucial. A CFO may think of technology as a $999 laptop they could buy at the nearest Staples. They may not understand why $500 thousand is needed to invest in a new IT infrastructure, but they do know how much you’re specifically pending on a server and a rack.

It always leads to the perennial question, “You want to spend how much on what?”

As a key player in determining the business strategy, it’s important to convey the longer-term importance of deploying new technologies. When CFOs consider new IT decisions, they are more inclined to invest in what will achieve efficiencies and cost reduction and where a competitive advantage can be demonstrated.

So before you craft your argument, consider these three key selling points:

  1. Cash flow
  2. Operational efficiency
  3. Performance or growth

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