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Cyber Attacks On Small Businesses Are On The Rise

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In the world of 21st century cyber warfare, there is a perception that the smaller you are, the less likely you are to grab the attention of cyber thieves and spies. After all, there are plenty of big, juicy targets out there just waiting to be plundered like a Spanish galleon. Why waste time snatching digital purses?

The truth is sadly far from the common-sense assumptions. Small businesses are in fact ripe targets for cyberattack, and indeed have been under siege for some time, whether they realize it or not. Companies have to come to grips with this because a cyberattack on a small company can result in the loss of very valuable information, and also be used to gain access to larger companies. In other words, the smaller they are, the harder the cyber loss.

Cyber Attacks On Small Businesses Are On The Rise

There is fairly consistent agreement that attacks on small businesses are common and increasing. For instance, Verizon (VZ) estimated that 70%-plus of data breaches occurring in 2012 were suffered by companies of 100 employees or fewer. The National Small Business Association surveyed a large number of small businesses and found that nearly half had suffered some form of cyberattack. Cybersecurity vendor Symantec found that attacks on small businesses had the highest growth rate of all types of attacks.

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