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10 ways enterprise IT Is changing

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From the rising influence of marketing to the impact of mobile to the realities of offshoring, 2014 is going to have its share of trends and disruptions that affect IT.

10 ways enterprise IT Is changing

IT has long been a field driven by rapid change, and 2014 will be no exception. Here are 10 trends in enterprise IT, some that have been developing over the course of several years, and others that are relatively recent.

1: The end of the Luddite

It was once acceptable and even fashionable to be a Luddite who groused about technology at every turn and happily claimed ignorance on all things technical. With middle managers and younger executives having grown up with technology, the Luddite is now regarded as an inflexible dinosaur. The good news for IT pros is that most executives regard technology as an enabler to be embraced. The bad news is that some execs think they know more about tech and its realistic capabilities than they actually do.

2: The rise of marketing

Many of the big enterprise IT trends were driven by a particular business unit. The dawn of corporate IT was largely driven by finance and the rise of enterprise systems like ERP and CRM driven by operations and sales. Marketing is now in on the act, and a function that was once largely regarded as "touchy feely" fluff has become strongly data driven and is setting the agenda for many corporate strategies and IT investments. If you don't have a working knowledge of marketing and customer experience, it's time to start doing some homework.

3: The reality of offshoring

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