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Office 365 overtakes Google Apps

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Office 365 overtakes Google Apps

Office 365 overtakes Google Apps as business users’ preferred cloud productivity suite. Use of Microsoft cloud suite has risen steeply over the past 12 months, leaving Google Apps trailing, research shows

Microsoft Office 365 has overtaken Google Apps to become the cloud-based business productivity suite of choice for small and larger firms, new research suggests.

According to Bitglass’s second annual Cloud Adoption Report, Office 365 has passed Google Apps to become the lead provider of email and online productivity tools to businesses over the past 12 months.

This conclusion is based on the results of an analysis of cloud traffic data generated by 120,000 organizations across the globe, and suggests enterprises are becoming increasingly comfortable with moving more of their IT off-premise.

The research shows that adoption of Office 365 has increased by 300%.....

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