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Do You Need a Managed IT Services Transformation?

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“The technology some businesses use today is aging and no longer up to the job of handling a perfect storm of increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumers, increasing pace of innovation and a highly competitive, global marketplace. Companies that don’t transform their IT to meet these challenges will be left behind by competitors who do. But they worry about the cost and disruption involved.”

For some companies, they’d rather just do nothing – stick to the same type of IT management solution they have even though it’s more than ten years old. This situation can pose an inconvenience, because the same configuration on the same old servers can break down. Because of their age, they are not able to handle the increasing workload by the growing business.

A change in servers that can deliver better performance and reliability has the expectation to be pricey, but businesses don’t always need to break the bank. An update to your managed IT services isn’t an easy transformation. First, determine your requirements, goals, and budget. “There are a lot of IT vendors out there, and they all claim they know how to do managed IT services better than the other guys.”

Choosing the right service provider takes careful research, considering:

  • Capabilities: How customizable are they are to your needs?
  • Control: How much control you want to have over the management of your IT support desk?
  • Cost: Compare the costs to alternative solutions from competing vendors.
  • Location: A managed IT services can support your needs remotely, but it’s also important to consider if you need an onsite IT presence, too.
  • Availability: Do they offer 24/7 help desk support?
  • Reliability: What’s their track record like? How well have they leveraged business continuity for their clients?

Your prospective managed IT services partner will collaborate with you to develop a solution that meets these needs. The result should be a solution that will take the anxiety out of technology to give you a better piece of mind – all at an affordable price.