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21 Worst Technology Habits

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“Are you guilty of a bad tech habit? Here are 21 of the worst technology-oriented habits.

1. Leaving equipment in sight.
2. Oblivious gadget usage.
3. Using your devices with dirty hands.
4. Not cleaning your equipment.
5. Sitting with bad posture at the computer.
6. Not taking breaks.
7. Working with your laptop on your lap.
8. Failing to backup data.
9. Reusing passwords over and over again.
10. One account, multiple users.
11. Failing to update.
12. Printing everything.
13. Faxing, ever.
14. Throwing computer equipment in the trash.
15. Not reading the FAQs.
16. Oversharing on social media.
17. Texting at the table.
18. Using your phone or tablet without the case.
19. Failing to pick up the phone.
20. Failing to silence your phone.
21. Never rebooting.”

I’m guilty to a few of these, but one of the worst tech habits I’ve done is failing to back up my data. This week, I was submitting a press release online when I accidentally hit the web browser’s back button – nothing was saved. Disaster. Working at an IT consulting company for almost six months, I hear about back up all the time. How could I be so neglectful enough to work on it for almost an hour and not hit the save button at least once?

I’ve also had my MacBook stolen. I only had it for less than a week so I didn’t get a chance to set up the cloud back up service yet. Company data is precious so don’t be like me and wait for a mishap to back up your data.

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