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Cloud Computing: An Eco-Friendly IT Solution

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IT solutions are changing for businesses, and it may be for the better. A recent article describes the environmental benefits of cloud computing as an IT solution.

“Calling it a full-fledged tree-hugger may be a slight overstatement, but cloud computing is being viewed as an eco-friendly service that reduces the number of machines and the carbon footprint of enterprises. Thanks to virtualization and server utilization rates of around 60-70 percent, large, shared data centers are usually able to employ fewer physical machines to achieve the same capacity as an equivalent number of in-house data centers.”

Not only is the cloud a great way to save money and secure your data but it is also a great way to reduce your environmental impact. Instead of using larger servers stored in a large data center, cloud computing lets you reduce the space, resulting in less waste for the environment- less transportation costs, and less upkeep. It seems like there is no downside to this modern IT consulting solution.

Many managed IT service providers already made the switch and are now in the cloud. What would be more eco-friendly is to outsource IT to a managed IT service provider since they have the data space in the cloud and have the resources. It would be a smooth transition to a better and less expensive company lifestyle. The cloud will always have more space but buildings won’t. It is time to make the change so we can help future business and the environment.

Cloud Computing: An Eco-Friendly IT Solution

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