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5 Ways iOS 7 Will Change Social Networking

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“Apple’s iOS 7 mobile operating system is becoming more and more like a social network itself. What does that mean for you?”

We give you permission to ask yourself, how can the Internet possibly be more social? Today, evolutions in online technology usually revolve around social networking. That term is thrown around a lot. We all know “social networking” involves Facebook and Twitter, etc. but how can the new iOS 7 use tools to become more social?

1.) Photos and Videos can be shared via a photo stream using iCloud
Other users can see updates from their friends with the “Activity” view. This will compel users to start sharing pictures more often. Users will begin to know where their friends are or what they are doing almost immediately.

2.) The Safari Browser will become more integrated with Twitter
The “Shared Links feature” lets users see what websites and URL’s their friends are posting on Twitter. This way, it might be a more relevant search and you can see what other users are interested in.

3.) Siri will be able to access Twitter
Siri will have the ability to access related topics on Twitter from the search. Siri is becoming a social robot!

4.) Logging in with social networking verification will have a better security alternative with iCloud Keychain
Many people fear the sharing of information if they log in to sources with their social media sites (which is called social login). Although it eliminates the need to create a hard to remember username and password, there were many security and privacy downfalls to the system. Apple’s solution to that with iOS 7 is iCloud Keychain which is a trusted cloud service that stores usernames, passwords, credit card numbers and more. The information syncs through all your Apple devices. It doesn’t eliminate all risk but is a better alternative to using a social login.

5.) iTunes will release iTunes Radio with social networking capabilities
A streaming media service presents large competition for other internet radios like Pandora, Spotify or iHeartRadio. Because of the massive music database behind them, Apple will open up strong with this radio and create a way for your friends to see what you’re listening to. Prior internet radios have attempted social capabilities but hasn’t yet created a widespread addiction. It will be interesting to see if iTunes Radio can break that barrier.

Are you ready to become more social with the new forms of Apple social networking? Again, this is another way that Internet privacy is decreasing so it is really important to have a disaster recovery plan. Individuals and big companies have to be careful and monitor their IT infrastructure to make sure all information is secure. Ask your IT consulting firm about any security concerns not only about the new Apple iOS, but any other software, too.

Good luck social networking!

(iOS 7 debuts in Fall 2013)

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