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A Cloud Computing Baseball Park

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Bill Schlough, the CIO of the San Francisco Giants has come a long way to make this baseball team’s fans the most wired in the country. According to Ron Miller of CiteWorld Schlough, “The more data that’s in the cloud, the happier I am.” He believes cloud computing is much better than storing information in in-house data centers. This way, he can focus more on delivering a better experience to the fans instead of rising data center costs and expiring software.

So how are they the most wired? Schlough started an online service to allow seasonticket holders to sell their tickets and possibly make a profit. The service is called My SF Tickets. Fans can also choose to show their tickets on a mobile device for admittance thanks to their partnership with StubHub. Inside the stadium there is free WiFi to all fans. Another internet innovation is the AT&T @Cafe that opened up in the park recently. It uses cloud computing technologies to stream live social media feeds on a 12×4 video wall. It’s just another way sports are getting more social.

Schlough embraces new technologies and wants to keep improving. He is on the right track because the best way for him to do that is utilizing cloud computing technology. Information technology infrastructure is incorporating the cloud in many ways. It helps organize the company and cuts costs for data protection. If a baseball team can utilize the cloud, ask your IT consulting firm if the cloud is right for your company, too.

Good luck innovating with the cloud!

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