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SIP Trunking Solutions

What is SIP Trunking?

SIP Trunking enables your business to reduce costs and simplify IT management by combining voice and Internet access over a single Internet connection using your existing IP PBX system. With Triplet’s SIP service, you purchase only the trunks you need based on the maximum number of concurrent calls your business requires. A SIP trunk is significantly less expensive than analog lines, further helping businesses reduce costs. Triplet offers SIP Trunking for single-site businesses and Enterprise Trunking for multi-location businesses.

Streamline communications across multiple locations with Enterprise Trunking.

Enterprise Trunking is Triplet’s SIP Trunking solution for multi-location businesses. Enterprise Trunking optimizes network capacity across all locations by enabling businesses to leverage enterprise-level trunking resources to meet peak traffic requirements at each location. For added savings, employees share call capacity and receive free on-net calling between all locations.

Benefits of Triplet SIP Trunking:

  • Reduce costs.

    Eliminate the need to purchase separate voice and data circuits while leveraging your existing IP PBX investment. Purchase only the SIP trunks you need.

  • Optimize bandwidth.

    Voice compression and dynamic bandwidth allocation optimize bandwidth usage.

  • Boost productivity and mobility.

    Triplet Hosted Voice features can be added to your Triplet SIP Trunking service for enhanced functionality such as Auto Attendant and Audio Conferencing.

Additional SIP service benefits for multi-site businesses:

  • Increase efficiency.

    Share idle voice trunk capacity between all locations with Enterprise Trunking.

  • Free long-distance calling between your business locations.

    Receive free on-net calling between all locations using Triplet Enterprise Trunking services.

  • Streamline vendors and Voice management.

    Enterprise Trunking simplifies the management of voice services by eliminating the maintenance and support of multiple phone systems and vendors across all of your business locations.

  • Business continuity.

    Initiate disaster recovery capabilities through redundant Enterprise SIP Trunking.